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Dreamport 006

New pop-rock mix ;) download (123.3 mb) (cue: mp3 wav) UPDATE 04-07-2007: I’ve fixed some compression problems in the mix, now it sounds much better.

I’ve made a quick description of my field recording gear, you can find it here. You can find my recorded sounds on Freesound.

As you have noticed, does not work since last thursday. Everything will be available on stor2 or stor3, I’ll update the links in the evening wednesday evening (sorry, I’ve ran out of time). It seems the server will be up again on thursday. UPDATE: I’ve updated every download link on the site with a […]

And some sounds I’ve recorded: crickets and cicadaes on the hill above the village beach at night walking in Crikvenica

Dramalj, Croatia

I was on a short holiday with Piree and Dudu in Dramalj, Croatia from thursday to monday. More pics are here.

I’ve made a very simple portable USB charger, using a 9V battery as a power supply. I’m using this to charge my MicroTrack when I’m in a middle of a field recording and power runs out. I’ve used a 7805 voltage regulator IC, 2 pieces of 0.1uF electrolytic capacitors, a switch, battery holder, USB A […]

Dreamport 005

New mix featuring lots of my favourite songs. download (128.4 mb) (cue: mp3 wav)


homeTVstream is a collection of shell scripts and a PHP-based webpage for watching TV on your LAN computers. It is based on VLC, it encodes and streams video using port 8080 in an MMS stream, so you can watch it with VLC, using URL 1mmsh://yourserverip:8080/ , or any other MMS-capable player, using URL 1mms://yourserverip:8080/ , […]


I’ve created a page for my new app, fader (yes, all lowercase :) ). It’s a simple video effect generator utility. It creates a slow-motion effect by fading between frames of an animation. Example video: Project page is here.

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