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Old videos about me #2

The graduation at my grammary school: Selling the darts game imitating a TV shop show.

Got You High

A new music video after a half-year pause.

Repairing the R1340’s power supply, cutting wood and a few winter scenes from the mountain Gerecse: Throwing rocks to the ice of the frozen lake near Bikolpuszta:

Old videos about me

Yesterday evening I browsed our old VHS tapes and I found some video gems which I instantly uploaded to YouTube for everyone’s pleasure. Let’s begin with me at the restaurant called Halászcsárda at the Old lake, Tata: Early waking up for a trip to the Netherlands:

Gerecse szilveszter

New year’s eve with Miki, Tibi and the kids at HA5KDR radio station on the top of mountain Gerecse. I haven’t used my setup for a while so I made mistakes with preamp gain, and the mic’s connectors are visible on the right of the screen on the fisheye takes. I have to figure out […]

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