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Into the wild

This short clip was made for a contest for Andika.

Afternoon at Penya

Some videos recorded at Penya’s place on Sunday afternoon. Riding on my bike to Penya, feeding chickens and the cats at Penya’s grandmother’s place, then watching an old VHS tape about our grammary school’s 1995 ski camp: Penya talks about his Amiga 1200: Browsing the stuff in Penya’s room: Commodore PC-1, original Sound Blaster Pro, […]

ATV testing

Testing a 13 & 23cm amateur TV transmitter and receiver at HA5CBM Miki’s place with HG5CUT Tibi.

Visit in Túrkeve

Yesterday we were in Túrkeve to visit an ambulance station. On Saturday next week we’ll build a radio base station for them and configure their radios.

I used my GoPro HD Hero for making the videos/photos, sadly, I couldn’t bring my bigger cam because of the huge snow (I had to walk down from the mountain on Sunday). More photos » Visit to Pusztamarót (a small “village” at the foot of Gerecse mountain, our friend Vilmos lives there with his family): […]

Old Lake at winter

We met with Andi at the playground at the Old Lake, I gave her MP3 DVDs. We walked around a bit on the frozen lake.

This weekend on the Gerecse was wonderful too. I used my new GoPro HD Hero for making the videos/photos. More photos » Sledging with the GAZ: A visit to the stone mine:

Timelapse sleeping

I tested my new GoPro HD Hero cam’s timelapse function with this recording. Music: As Lonely As Dave Bowman – Pod Four

GoPro Hero HD

I received it yesterday, but it doesn’t read my 8gb microSD card (with an adapter), so I’ll buy a 16gb normal SDHC card today. Update: it works nicely with a Kingston 16GB Class 4 card. More…

Gerecse 0130

Big snow up there. This time I took photos only. More…

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