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Biking at the fields

Biking with Penya at the fields near Tata, then reviewing a Commodore C116 and an Atari Portfolio.

VHF QSO 92km

QSO on 145.525 MHz with HG7CZ/P SOTA station (Yaesu 857 with a 3 el. yagi, 15W, QTH: JN97RI, lookout tower in Monor, Hungary). I was with my TS790 with the Diamond X200 colinear.

CQ Kid’s Day as heard on Gerecse: Trip to the stone mine at the Pisznice mountain: Short visit at the Castle: A walk in the forest with Kisandi: More pics are here.

A trip to Szénzsát (a big field on Gerecse): Andris and Gábor QSOing: A visit to the geodesic tower: More pics are here.

In the mall with Netuddki

Penyánál 20100225

Compaq Proliant server in the garage: Replacing the hard drive to a CF card in Penya’s Amiga 1200: (Amiga) video monitors:

Kenwood TS-790

Wow I just got it this afternoon! More pics here.

My camera’s groundglass (Canon EE-s) got dirty and I had to replace it.

A short visit at the Puskás high school at the HAM flea market: Setting up radios and antennas at the ambulance station in Túrkeve (Tibi got pretty drunk by the end of the day :):

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