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I’ve updated my webcam site, Now I’m using two Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcams with 720p resolution, one in my window facing east and one on the roof facing west (this one is connected to my server using a 20m active USB extension cable). The whole system which captures and processes images to a daily […]

Manual webcam controls

I’m using infinite focus, no white balance correction and auto exposure correction on my webcams. To set these settings, I’m using v4l2ctrl. It can export the current settings using v4l2ctrl -d /dev/video -s file, and after editing it can load it to the specified device: v4l2ctrl -d /dev/video -l file I’m using this file for […]

I have a simple DIY lo-fi microphone on the pine tree in front of our house: I record 20 sec long samples with it, every 4th hour. Then these wav files get mixed together to produce a 2 minute long output which I can use as a background sound under my automatic webcam timelapse videos. […]

USB reset under Linux

If you want to simulate device unplug and replug from software, use this tool: usbreset /dev/bus/usb/001/006 (001 is the bus ID, 006 is the device ID, you can find these for your device using lsusb)

Modified uvccapture

I’m using Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcams, which support both YUYV and MJPEG capture modes. However, in YUYV mode, auto exposure correction doesn’t work correctly (or maybe at all). After resetting (or plugging out and in) a webcam, the exposure will be at max, and it won’t auto change if I use the YUYV mode. In […]

Just a note for myself :) 1ffmpeg -i %04d.jpg -f image2pipe -vcodec copy – | ffmpeg -r 4 -f image2pipe -vcodec mjpeg -i – -vcodec mpeg4 -vb 7000000 -an -y out.avi

Your Samsung Galaxy S phone’s compass is not working? Auto rotation is faulty? Check your hardware by dialing *#0*# – this is a factory test app for the phone. If the compass is broken there too, here’s how you can fix it: delete /data/system/ms3c_yamaha.cfg, and if there’s a backup file, delete it too, then reboot. […]

If your Samsung Galaxy S displays no network/no signal, or emergency calls only, try the following things: 1. flash the device again with the modem image (download the firmware of your device from, delete everything from the .tar file except modem.bin, and then flash this file to the phone with Odin (you can get […]

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