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I’ve finished the new ham DSP tutorial section about SSTV modulation and demodulation. Here’s a video which shows my decoder compared to MMSSTV:

I’m using cmus for playing music. It can call a script whenever a song changes using the :set status-display-program=/path/to/scrobbler command. I’ve written a PHP script bundle which handles scrobbling the currently playing and played song to It can also read the ID3 (v1 and v2) tag from the music file using the getid3 PHP […]

I already wrote about lowpass filtering using FFT in one of my ham DSP tutorial articles. The simple brickwall filtering method described there is not applicable in some cases because it introduces ringing in the resulting filtered sound. After some research, I made an article about designing and implementing a proper FIR filter which uses […]

I’ve expanded my ham DSP tutorial with sections describing RTTY encoding and decoding using several methods. Here’s an example video of my example encoder/decoder (FLdigi is shown for comparison):

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