About me

Name: Norbert Varga

Nick: Nonoo, since 1990

Email: nonoo@nonoo.hu

Amateur radio callsign: HA2NON, since 2008

Born: 4th December 1983 15:10

Living in: Tata and Budapest, Hungary

First computer: C64, got it in 1990 with a Datasette 1530 C2N tape drive :)

Favorite C64 games: King’s Bounty, Elite, Defender Of The Crown, North & South, Bruce Lee, and (of course) Wizard of Wor

Owned consoles: PS4, PSP (playing mostly with NES and SNES emulators) :)

Owned computers: 486DX2 (1995), P1/133 (1997), AMDK6-2/266 (1998), P3/750 (1999), P4/2.4 (2003), Core2Duo/2.4 (2006), I7/2.6 (2009), Lenovo T520 (2012)

Used OSes on these computers: DOS 5.0/6.22, Win95, 98, Me, XP, Win7, Corel Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian

Favorite OSes: Debian (servers), Ubuntu (desktops)

First used internet: in 1996

Programming since: 1991

Well-known languages: C, PHP, Javascript, Bash/POSIX shell scripts, HTML, CSS

Other languages I occasionally use: C++, Java

Forgotten languages: Pascal, Basic

Studied at: Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Works at: SharkRF (own company), designing and developing RF products.

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