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I’m into radio since 2001. I started with CB, had a Stalker IX which I loved very much. :) I’ve done an HAREC type (recognized by CEPT member states) radio amateur exam on 17. April 2008 which I’ve extended with a morse exam on 25. June 2009, so now I can use CW too.

My callsign is HA2NON. My QTH was in Tata, Hungary, QTH locator is JN97dp63gw, GPS coordinates N 47.641.23 E 18.30.252, ASL 153m in the loft.

If you want to send me a QSL card, you can find my addresses at

My QSL cards are here. Look at my received QSL cards too.

I’m using APRS. More about it here.

You can read about my ham radio experiences here.

As I’m now living in Budapest, I’m mostly QRV on the R0 repeater on 145.600MHz.


Currently I’m using a Kenwood TS790 for VHF/UHF and a Kenwood TS850 for HF.

When I go out to the town, I almost always bring my Yaesu VX-8GE with me. I’ve had several handhelds through the year, including an Icom IC-E90 and a Wouxun UVD1. I have a Yaesu FT-857D with a manual MFJ antenna tuner for field operations.

My Yaesu HT’s last position:

Mobile setup

I have an Icom IC-2200H built into my car with a small VHF rubber antenna on a magnetic mount. I also have APRS stuff installed, more info about this here.

My car’s last position:

Base antennas

I’ve used a homebrew 7 el. DK7ZB cross-yagi for 2 meters on a half-homebrew rotator (up 12 meters above ground, on the rooftop), a homebrew quarter-wave UHF GP for use with my handheld radio (up 10m), a VHF yagi pointing towards the city (up 10m, used with my APRS iGATE), a Diamond X510N, Diamond X200 for VHF/UHF (both up about 13 meters above ground).

For HF I had a W3DZZ about 12 meters high above the ground between a pine tree and a steel pole, both in the corners of our croft.

Sadly I don’t live in Tata anymore, and I can’t install any antennas in my current QTH in Budapest, so nowadays I mostly only using my HT and the transceiver in the car.

My homebrew, portable HF antennas:

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Randy Zandt 2010-10-03 00:23:02

Nice Website…
What is Miki’s Distance Meter Telescope? what does it do & what is it for?

Nonoo 2010-10-03 11:52:48

it’s hungarian military distance meter telescope used in the soviet era for shooting down airplanes :)

Astro 2012-03-14 23:15:35

Hi! I followed the Hungarian HAMNet forums, but I couldn’t find musch information about how things go. I would like to take part in it somehow if possilble, is there any way? Can we talk about it in PMs?

Nonoo 2012-03-15 07:37:07

Hello, I sent you an invitation to the Hamnet mailing list.

Astro 2012-03-15 11:03:00

Hí! Thx, but I can’t join. I already have a yahoo account, but it keeps giving me this message: “You must first create a Yahoo! Profile

To use Yahoo! Groups, you must first create a public profile. This is a name which you will be known by within the group. It will be used to identify you when you use group features such as Messages, Chat, Photos, and Calendar, and it will be displayed in the Members area of your group. You can use your real name or a nickname.”……

Nonoo 2012-03-15 11:10:51

I know, Yahoo groups sucks. Please write an email to

Astro 2012-03-15 11:13:41

Thx! Mail sent!

Astro 2012-03-15 12:15:04

I can see, that there is a new member, but It still doesn’t wanna work for me……can you tell me the broadcast address, so at least I could test the mailing list thing?

Mike 2017-02-15 15:51:24


I live in the USA, and have purchased 3 of your SharkRF openSPOT’s. The openSPOT is the hottest device on the market. I’m an Amateur Extra Class Operator, and have made more international contacts in 4 weeks, using the openSPOT, then the past 4 years on HF. I know HF takes more skill, and equipment, but you have made my hobby exceptional.

Thank you for everything!

de 73,
K4BOX Mike

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