Asterisk temperature reading

If I call #88 on my VoIP system, I’ll hear a synthesized voice saying the current outside temperature.

The quality and readibility is quite bad, but the whole thing is not hard to set up, and this way my Mom & Grandma can also listen to the temperature, so it’s worth it :)

Here’s how you can do this. You’ll need two packages: aptitude install mbrola mbrola-hu1

Extract this to /usr/local/mbrola/. Make sure /usr/local/share/asterisk/sounds/ is writable by the Asterisk user. The script gettemp reads the current temperature value from the SQL database.

Asterisk extension.conf:

exten => #88,1,Macro(answertone)
exten => #88,2,System(/usr/local/mbrola/saytemp)
exten => #88,3,Wait(1)
exten => #88,4,Playback(temperature)
exten => #88,5,Goto(3)

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