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A few weeks ago I ordered an Android TV box called U BOX i one (i828) from To my suprise, the updated YouTube app only played videos at 360p resolution. The stock app works fine, but I wanted to use the latest one. After googling a while I found a Japanese site with the […]

Onda V989 hacking

So I bought a truly Chinese – but surprisingly good tablet from this store a few days ago. Upgrading the firmware The first thing I noticed that the Users menu was missing from Settings, so I couldn’t create a user for my wife. When I ordered the tablet I was sure I need to hack […]

I made a few new widgets for Android using the Duke Nukem widget template. These are for those Hungarian users who are familiar with the original funny videos. Blood widget (PC game) Terminator 2 widget (video) Dallas widget (video) Gino majálisa widget (video) Polgár JenÅ‘ widget (video) Szalacsi widget (video) Mi folyik itt Gyöngyösön widget […]

Your Samsung Galaxy S phone’s compass is not working? Auto rotation is faulty? Check your hardware by dialing *#0*# – this is a factory test app for the phone. If the compass is broken there too, here’s how you can fix it: delete /data/system/ms3c_yamaha.cfg, and if there’s a backup file, delete it too, then reboot. […]

If your Samsung Galaxy S displays no network/no signal, or emergency calls only, try the following things: 1. flash the device again with the modem image (download the firmware of your device from, delete everything from the .tar file except modem.bin, and then flash this file to the phone with Odin (you can get […]

I’ve rewritten both the English and Hungarian Duke Nukem 3D Android widgets, so the force closes and hangs are completely gone for now. More info.

I made a widget for Android for my DIY temperature measurement system, available here. Source code is here.

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