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NOTE: this post is outdated. See my ham DSP tutorial! Single-sideband is one of the most popular modulation modes in analog voice radio communication today. SSB avoids the bandwidth doubling and unnecessary carrier emitting of amplitude modulation, thus concentrating radiated power only on the signal that carries the important information (for ex. voice). If we […]

W3DZZ finished!

At last! My greatest work completed! :) More pics are here. Finally I was able to talk with HA1TN Noybi, he’s in Budapest in a building estate with a 4 meter fishing rod antenna on the balcony. We could talk using only 5 watts. Great! Read the previous post about my W3DZZ antenna here.

W3DZZ take three

We put up the 12m steel pole today. Here are some photos: More pics are here. The next thing to do is to rent a mobile crane and put up the antenna. I haven’t decided yet which coax feedline I’ll use, RG58 or RG6 (we have lots of RG6 in our shop). Read the previous […]

New antennas

We put up 2 new antennas to the roof in the last few weeks. Thanks for my father for helping me out, I’m pretty agoraphobic on this steep roof. :) The first one (it’s on the left on the pictures) is a brand new Diamond X200, the second one is a homebrew j-pole. I’m using […]

You can find the plans and specs for this antenna here. No balun needed, 50 ohms at once, works perfectly fine. I’m using it on a 4m long (telescopic) landing net pole. More pics are here.

W3DZZ take two

I still don’t have my HF antenna up… :( Spring is here, and my dad had some free time on the weekend, so we started to prepare the place where the steel pole will be standing in the corner of the croft. More pics are here. After breaking up the concrete we put down a […]

I want to use my radio on HF bands, so I had to look for a reasonably sized multi-band antenna. I found that the 2 most popular antennas in this area are G5RV and W3DZZ. The former is fed using a ladder-line cable and I didn’t want to mess with it for my first HF […]

My small radio desk

I’m planning to buy an amateur desktop/mobile HF transceiver, so I made a little desk for it from some chipboard I found in the storage. More images are here.

Pictures This is how it looked like when I got it: And this is how it looks like now:

Now it’s working on my desk. It’s pretty strong, I can’t stop it with my bare hands, I hope it’ll rotate my big yagi easily. I’ll perform a full antenna test in our yard tomorrow or on thursday. UPDATE: pictures are here.

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