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Now it works perfectly on my desk. :)

After I’ve designed the schematics and made the PCB for the rotator, I put it together: I’ll upload the schematics & source code when I finish the project. I’m using a wonderful PICKit2 programmer/debugger and Hi-Tech C compiler to make my life easier. The program is almost finished, I hope I can put the whole […]

Last summer I got an old antenna rotator from a friend. It’s controller is missing, but at least it still works and it’s only rusty, and needs a little renewing, and of course a new controller.

Ableton Live script

I wrote this AutoHotkey script to be able to use the mouse wheel for zooming, and middle click for panning in Ableton Live. In addition, if you press F1, it opens the browser. It’s amazing, that these functions have not been implemented in Live yet. The zip contains the script source file, you need AutoHotkey […]

I’ve made a quick description of my field recording gear, you can find it here. You can find my recorded sounds on Freesound.

I’ve made a very simple portable USB charger, using a 9V battery as a power supply. I’m using this to charge my MicroTrack when I’m in a middle of a field recording and power runs out. I’ve used a 7805 voltage regulator IC, 2 pieces of 0.1uF electrolytic capacitors, a switch, battery holder, USB A […]

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