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5th birthday party of the Hungarian SOTA activity held on the Gerecse mountain. Other stuff without music:

We put up a new antenna, planted some plants, and dug a hole for a little garden lake.

Chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning on Gerecse.

Tibi built in a resistor to the volume pot, so it can’t be muted, and fixed the contact problem of the mode switch.

Just the usual nights on Gerecse…

CQ Kid’s Day as heard on Gerecse: Trip to the stone mine at the Pisznice mountain: Short visit at the Castle: A walk in the forest with Kisandi: More pics are here.

A trip to Szénzsát (a big field on Gerecse): Andris and Gábor QSOing: A visit to the geodesic tower: More pics are here.

Into the wild

This short clip was made for a contest for Andika.

I used my GoPro HD Hero for making the videos/photos, sadly, I couldn’t bring my bigger cam because of the huge snow (I had to walk down from the mountain on Sunday). More photos » Visit to Pusztamarót (a small “village” at the foot of Gerecse mountain, our friend Vilmos lives there with his family): […]

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