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dmrshark updates

I’ve been working on dmrshark in the past few months. Most of the improvements can be seen online at the Hungarian network’s live status page, or you can check the project’s GitHub page. The new features are: The info column shows decoded SMS messages and GPS coordinates. dmrshark decodes voice calls and calculates their current […]


In the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on a software called dmrshark in my free time. It uses libpcap to analyse the traffic of a Hytera IPSC network. It can be used for: Tracking calls, logging to a text file, and/or inserting them to a remote MySQL-compatible database. Automatic and periodic reading of repeater […]

I’ve translated my recent blogpost on, so here’s some info about the Hytera RD625 DMR repeater and about setting up VoIP communications. We’ve measured the bandwidth required for the repeater to communicate with the DMR master software to transfer one timeslot. The result is 15-17 kbit/s for both up and download directions, so the […]

Hytera tests

I had two PD785Gs this evening with me so I couldn’t resist to do the glass of water test :) Today we tested the bandwidth and the VoIP integration of the Hytera RD625. I’ve made a (Hungarian) tutorial on how to set up Asterisk, the repeater and a handheld radio to be able to make […]

We’ve got our brand new Hytera RD625 DMR repeater with a Procom filter on this Tuesday. Here’s the unboxing video: We’ve also looked at a Puxing PX820 DMR HT: Inserting a 3-band Diamond fiberglass antenna into an industrial antenna’s case:


Just a week ago I bought a Hytera PD785G DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) handheld transceiver. Now I’m spending my free time reading about DMR, experimenting with the Hytera CPS software, and writing about DMR to my radio club’s webpage. DMR works way beyond my expectations compared to analog radio. I can communicate on locations where […]

This is what we heard on 11th July in Budapest:

As I couldn’t find any information on the web about the heat generated by the new Wouxun KG-UV8D in cross-band repeater mode, I thought I’ll share the information with my precious readers. :) So, if you use both bands in the low output power (0.5W) mode, the radio gets very hot in about 10 minutes […]

Github I started using Github in the past few months for hosting my hobby projects. Here’s the list of my current repos: nweather-wordpress-plugin: WordPress plugin which shows graphs from data uploaded by nweather-upload. nbackup: A simple backup script which uses rsync or rdiff-backup over SSH to back up directories. ntimelapse: Scripts for processing webcam and […]

There was a planned contact with the ISS during the morning hours which could be heard from across Europe. I recorded in this video what I heard from Budapest.

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