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Linux USB HDD fix

I partitioned and formatted a 2TB HDD connected with an USB HDD adapter to a Debian system running under VMware, copied the files and moved the HDD to an old P4 system with Debian and a non-AHCI capable BIOS. The HDD showed up as a 232.9GB one: 12Device     Boot Start       […]

I’ve translated my recent blogpost on, so here’s some info about the Hytera RD625 DMR repeater and about setting up VoIP communications. We’ve measured the bandwidth required for the repeater to communicate with the DMR master software to transfer one timeslot. The result is 15-17 kbit/s for both up and download directions, so the […]

Recently I got another bunch of books to read from Packt Publishing, here’s the first one. It’s a very nice, but brief book for those who are not used to the a Linux shell, but familiar with IT security techniques. I feel that the chapters on security are too brief, they don’t explain the techniques […]

Github I started using Github in the past few months for hosting my hobby projects. Here’s the list of my current repos: nweather-wordpress-plugin: WordPress plugin which shows graphs from data uploaded by nweather-upload. nbackup: A simple backup script which uses rsync or rdiff-backup over SSH to back up directories. ntimelapse: Scripts for processing webcam and […]

Cross-compiling MySQL

MySQL is not very cross-compile friendly, but hey, let’s give it a try.

Here’s how to set up RADIUS authentication using FreeRADIUS and an Active Directory server. For example, this can be used for authenticating Wifi WPA Enterprise clients (when you connect to a WPA Enterprise Wifi network, you have to give your username and password, not only a password like when connecting to a WPA Personal network).

Here’s a quick howto on installing FFP on Zyxel NSA325, which is a nice NAS. Create a text file called web_prefix and put this to the first line: Move the text file to the NAS, to directory /admin/zy-pkgs (zy-pkgs subdirectory in the admin share) Refresh the package list on the administrator web interface. FFP […]

Method #1 Situation: host A is the server which has a normal user added for us, and we want to connect our host B as a client. Host A’s sip.conf has this entry for the normal user: 123456[testuser] type=friend secret=abcd host=dynamic context=foo qualify=yes Because the host is defined as dynamic, we have to register with […]

We’re having some fun these days in the office: For this solution I used these hardware: BeagleBone magnetic door open sensor a cheap CM102-based sound card from eBay (sold as 3D USB sound card for about $2) a USB hub a TP-LINK WN722 WiFi dongle. 2 active speakers by my colleague makos (passive would have […]

SPI kernel driver howto

Continuing my previous post on writing an SPI driver for the BeagleBone, here’s a richly commented example C file to help implementing a generic kernel module driver for your chosen SPI device. The example is not only for the BeagleBone, you can use it for any host. download (15.4 kb)

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