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Here’s how to set up RADIUS authentication using FreeRADIUS and an Active Directory server. For example, this can be used for authenticating Wifi WPA Enterprise clients (when you connect to a WPA Enterprise Wifi network, you have to give your username and password, not only a password like when connecting to a WPA Personal network).

Here’s a quick guide on setting up 802.11n Wifi on a RouterBoard for a multi-user enviroment. Wireless tab You have to set the channel width to 20/40MHz HT above or below. 802.11g uses 20MHz wide channels, 802.11n uses two of these, and you have to specify where to expand the 20MHz channel (above or below). […]


I have an ADSL connection at home in Tata with only about 800kbit/s upload bandwidth. I had to figure out how I can prioritize VoIP traffic with my new RouterBoard 750GL. First my upload had to be throttled down in the RouterBoard a little below my ADSL upload speed. I added a new queue in […]

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I installed two Mikrotik RouterBoard 750s in my network last week. One of them is NATing my home ADSL connection, the second one is in the Gerecse tower and routes between my home network and the newly installed Pusztamarót Wi-Fi link. Here’s a picture of the two Ubiquity AirGrid M5 HPs on the Gerecse tower […]

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