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Raspberry Pi Sensors

Another great book from PacktPub. The subtitle is great to give a short description on what this book is about: “Integrate sensors into your Raspberry Pi projects and let your powerful microcomputer interact with the physical world“. It begins with an introduction to Linux, basic electronics, communication protocols, so everyone who is interested in the […]

I’ve got the chance to read another very good quality book from PacktPub. Nice intro to the BeagleBone and cluster computing even for those who are not into Linux and embedded hw & sw. I think they are the target audience. I didn’t know much about open source cluster computing software, know I know the […]

Sony HDR-PJ620 review

So I bought a new camcorder on 22th January. Some might say it’s a stupid thing to buy a camcorder in 2015, as every phone, compact and DSLR camera can record videos in great quality, but here are the reasons I think a camcorder is the best tool for me to record everyday videos: I […]

Arduino Robotic Projects

Packtpub sent me this great book called Arduino Robotic Projects. The title should be “Learning Arduino” or something like this because this is the best book I’ve read so far for beginners who want to learn Arduino. The chapters are well-written, everything is clearly explained, images and source code examples are great. The book’s structure […]

Two books

So I’ve read two books this week. I admit that Arduino is a cool thing for those who are just getting into the embedded world, but I’m not a very big fan of it. I like to do stuff on a low level way, interacting with the CPU registers and writing everything in plain C, […]

Node.js Blueprints

I chose this book because I like Javascript very much, but I’m not familiar with Node.js, so it was an interesting read. The author chose the best way to teach Node.js (in fact, I think this is the best way to teach anything, and keep the reader’s attention): by real-life examples. These examples are very […]

Recently I got another bunch of books to read from Packt Publishing, here’s the first one. It’s a very nice, but brief book for those who are not used to the a Linux shell, but familiar with IT security techniques. I feel that the chapters on security are too brief, they don’t explain the techniques […]

Here’s another book from Packt Publishing which I’ve read recently. As the title says, it’s about learning using the RPI for various robotic projects. After reading it, I think the title should be modifed as BRIEF INTRODUCTION to Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects (yes, with capital letters) :) The introduction to the RPI is very good, […]

So I got a new book from Packt Publishing to read, I’ve just finished it, and liked it very much. It covers a lot of fun topics like what peripherals can be used with the board, how to configure LAN or Wi-Fi, how to use the on-chip watchdog and the hardware video decoders (I have […]

A few months ago I was asked by Packt Publishing to help reviewing a book called Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone which you can buy and read here. Now they asked me to write a review of their recently released book titled Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids. I’ve read it on the weekend, […]

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