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Here’s a quick howto on installing FFP on Zyxel NSA325, which is a nice NAS. Create a text file called web_prefix and put this to the first line: Move the text file to the NAS, to directory /admin/zy-pkgs (zy-pkgs subdirectory in the admin share) Refresh the package list on the administrator web interface. FFP […]


I have an ADSL connection at home in Tata with only about 800kbit/s upload bandwidth. I had to figure out how I can prioritize VoIP traffic with my new RouterBoard 750GL. First my upload had to be throttled down in the RouterBoard a little below my ADSL upload speed. I added a new queue in […]

The Dude on Linux

I installed two Mikrotik RouterBoard 750s in my network last week. One of them is NATing my home ADSL connection, the second one is in the Gerecse tower and routes between my home network and the newly installed Pusztamarót Wi-Fi link. Here’s a picture of the two Ubiquity AirGrid M5 HPs on the Gerecse tower […]

You’ll need the cross-compiled version of libiconv, libgettext, glib, and slang. Compiling libiconv 123#!/bin/bash CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr –enable-static make install DESTDIR=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libiconv Compiling libgettext 123#!/bin/bash CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr –disable-csharp –disable-java –disable-openmp –disable-c++ –disable-native-java –enable-static –with-libiconv-prefix=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libiconv/usr make install DESTDIR=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libgettext Compiling libffi (needed by glib) 123#!/bin/bash CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr make install DESTDIR=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libffi Compiling glib 1234567891011#!/bin/bash […]

I’ve finished the new ham DSP tutorial section about SSTV modulation and demodulation. Here’s a video which shows my decoder compared to MMSSTV:

I already wrote about lowpass filtering using FFT in one of my ham DSP tutorial articles. The simple brickwall filtering method described there is not applicable in some cases because it introduces ringing in the resulting filtered sound. After some research, I made an article about designing and implementing a proper FIR filter which uses […]

I’ve expanded my ham DSP tutorial with sections describing RTTY encoding and decoding using several methods. Here’s an example video of my example encoder/decoder (FLdigi is shown for comparison):

GLX X11/Xorg problems

X won’t start up with compiz? Xorg log says it’s stuck at initializing extension GLX? glxinfo segfaults in libc? You have an Nvidia card and tried everything to bring life to compiz? Boot into recovery mode, reinstall the proprietary Nvidia driver, delete /etc/ and suddenly everything starts to work again after hours of frustrated X […]

– Download the driver source from here – Extract it, run ./configure and install all needed *-dev packages – Install x11proto-gl-dev and mesa-common-dev – Run make, if it stops with an error, open the corresponding .c file and uncomment the line which gave an error (for example it tries to include mibank.h, but it’s no […]

I tried to install Ubuntu to a desk computer but there were no disks/partitions listed in the installer. Switching to a console and running fdisk -l listed the disk and I was able to partition it using fdisk, formatted to ext4 but it still wasn’t listed in the installer. The solution: I used this disk […]

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