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Denon S3000 repair

Here’s how to repair a Denon S3000 CD player which gives “Disc read error”: You don’t need to dissassemble the whole unit, only unmount the CD drive: You’ll need to replace the laser pickup. According to the service manual, this player uses the Hitachi HOP-1200R (HOP-1200S and HOP-1200W are also compatible with this unit). I […]

NOTE: this post is outdated. See my ham DSP tutorial! Single-sideband is one of the most popular modulation modes in analog voice radio communication today. SSB avoids the bandwidth doubling and unnecessary carrier emitting of amplitude modulation, thus concentrating radiated power only on the signal that carries the important information (for ex. voice). If we […]

I’ve made a hungarian EAC audio CD grabbing howto. You can read and comment it here.

Dreamport 007 overview

I’ve made a video about how my latest mix was made.

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