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Some recent videos

As I updated my blog quite a while ago, here are a few videos in a bunch: Swimming with my Hytera PD785 in Lake Balaton :) A quick look at the Hytera MD655 mobile radio Hytera RD985 DMR repeater unboxing Installing the HG5RUC Hytera DMR repeater Turning back on the HG5RUC DMR repeater Radio club […]

Hytera tests

I had two PD785Gs this evening with me so I couldn’t resist to do the glass of water test :) Today we tested the bandwidth and the VoIP integration of the Hytera RD625. I’ve made a (Hungarian) tutorial on how to set up Asterisk, the repeater and a handheld radio to be able to make […]

We’ve got our brand new Hytera RD625 DMR repeater with a Procom filter on this Tuesday. Here’s the unboxing video: We’ve also looked at a Puxing PX820 DMR HT: Inserting a 3-band Diamond fiberglass antenna into an industrial antenna’s case:

We’ve been to the conference last week, it was great. Here’s a short and fun video recap of the 3 days:

Some YouTube videos

I forgot to post my latest YouTube videos on the blog so here’s some from the last few months: Hiking in Pilis while drinking beer: A lunch with the colleagues at the usual restaurant:

My 31th birthday party :)

Here’s a short video recap:

Egypt 2014

Főzdefeszt 20140607

Hot air ballooning

Wow it was fantastic! Music video: Musicless video:

River Bodrog

I was at the Tolcsva Wine Festival this weekend. Yesterday Misa’s father showed us his favorite fishing spots.

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