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We’re 3D printing!

This is an older video from December, when we got the Replicator2.


Recently I’ve been on GITEX in Dubai. After the exhibition we travelled to Oman to look around. Here’s a short (and a longer) video about the 10 day trip:

Hetye 2012

A short music video about our yearly party trip to Egyházashetye.

There was a planned contact with the ISS during the morning hours which could be heard from across Europe. I recorded in this video what I heard from Budapest.

Grape harvest 2012

Yesterday we harvested grape at my friend Tibi’s weekend house. Here’s a video about the event:

Annaberg 2012

A little clip about our weekend in Austria. The water was freezing! :)

Some videos

Here are some videos I published on YouTube in the past few months.

Running with the dog

Remote controlled duck

I got this from my friends as a birthday present. A little slow because of the foam, but light speed fast on clear international waters :)

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