Recently I’ve been working on a Red5 webapp called kdrlivestream which authenticates users using a MySQL database. This will be used for live streaming my radio club’s subscription based remote courses.

Red5 has a built-in webapp called live, but it doesn’t use authentication. Everyone will be able to publish and watch streams using your private Red5 server.

kdrlivestream always authenticates publishers using usernames and passwords stored in a MySQL database.

By default, every viewer has to be authenticated too, but publishers can specify that their streams are public. Public streams can be watched without any authentication.

Optionally the webapp can periodically store active publisher and viewer info into the database (who watches and publishes what).

See more info on the project’s GitHub page!

oliver 2016-02-24 10:50:39

Hi !
Finally, I found a site talking about red5 and authentication…. !
I’ve spent hours searching…

I’ve got a very simple project but I’m blocked with red5 now… Just want to stream birds eating… :)
I’ve got a raspberry with cam outside which streams with ffmpeg..
I’m able to stream to red5 server on “live” app… and to watch it on vlc or integrated to a website, but everyone can stream to my red5 server… (It’s local testing for now..)

I’ve tested your app kdrlivestream and it’s not working..
My test server is a debian 8.3, fully updated, latest mysqlserver, red5server (1.0.6), java (1.7.0_95)

In red5, I’ve followed your explanations, created database and tables, putted ini file in conf folder and modified, putted kdrlivestream in webapp folder, deleted other apps (chat, live, vod, installer)

At red5 boot, there are some warns and errors..
when I try to ffmpeg to red5 I’ve got “Scope kdrlivestream not found on”

Well, do I have to use another version of red5 ? what I’m doing wrong ?
I will be glad if you could help me a little…
Thanx a lot for your work !

(sorry for bad english mistakes…)

Nonoo 2016-02-24 19:56:54

Maybe the scope is not found because of previous errors. You should check and fix them.

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