homeTVstream is a collection of shell scripts and a PHP-based webpage for watching TV on your LAN computers.

It is based on VLC, it encodes and streams video using port 8080 in an MMS stream, so you can watch it with VLC, using URL


, or any other MMS-capable player, using URL


, or just by opening the TV page in your web browser.

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So homeTVstream is just a webpage and some shell scripts to configure VLC to stream TV.

You’ll need:

  • Linux server with a TV tuner card (preferrably BT878-based) and a sound card, VideoLan VLC, libdvbpsi, ffmpeg libs, libmp3lame, libxvidcore, webserver with PHP support.
  • Windows-based clients with a web browser and Windows Media Player (or VLC).

License: GPL
Latest version: 1.0.0

download (mirror2) (132.7 kb, 4272 dls, today: 0)

Detailed installation instructions are included. :)

If you want to stream AVI files with subtitles, install libfreetype, get a TTF font file (I’m using arialbd.ttf in this example) and start VLC with these parameters:
vlc –color -vvv -I http –http-host \
filename.avi \
–freetype-font=”/usr/share/fonts/TrueType/arialbd.ttf” \
–subsdec-encoding=CP1250 –freetype-fontsize 20 \
–file-caching 5000 –sout-transcode-channels=2 –sout-transcode-samplerate=44100 \


enables built-in HTTP server on port 8081, so you can control VLC in your web browser.
Video bitrate can be reduced by adjusting




is the audio bitrate (in kbps).