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Mozsó (HA2PIC) slept at Noybi’s (HA1TN) place in Budapest, and we talked on the radio in the evening. He was using a wire on a 4 meter fishing rod on the balcony as the antenna. I was in my QTH in Tata, using a W3DZZ. We were talking on 3791KHz. Bonus pic:

Sound test video

Testing my new Shure FP24 with my Rode NT4 in the garden. The cat has powder on her eyebrows because sometimes she is allergic to something and has wounds there.

W3DZZ finished!

At last! My greatest work completed! :) More pics are here. Finally I was able to talk with HA1TN Noybi, he’s in Budapest in a building estate with a 4 meter fishing rod antenna on the balcony. We could talk using only 5 watts. Great! Read the previous post about my W3DZZ antenna here.

Burabu 2009

Yesterday we were at the Burabu with my friend HA1TN Noybi. We spent almost the whole day there, it was very good, and at last, I bought a nice pair of morse keys. An older man made them at home, they are very solid, I hope I’ll be able to use them on the air, […]

W3DZZ take three

We put up the 12m steel pole today. Here are some photos: More pics are here. The next thing to do is to rent a mobile crane and put up the antenna. I haven’t decided yet which coax feedline I’ll use, RG58 or RG6 (we have lots of RG6 in our shop). Read the previous […]

New antennas

We put up 2 new antennas to the roof in the last few weeks. Thanks for my father for helping me out, I’m pretty agoraphobic on this steep roof. :) The first one (it’s on the left on the pictures) is a brand new Diamond X200, the second one is a homebrew j-pole. I’m using […]

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