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New photoblog

I used Streamzoo as my mobile photoblogging service since Picplz (which I loved) closed. I must admit I hate Streamzoo, it’s interface is too complicated, the photos sometimes won’t upload, their website is ugly and I don’t see the point in tagging my photos to sort them into “streams”. Now I have uploaded all my […]

Last weekend we installed Ubiquity AirGrid M5s to the Gerecse tower and my QTH in Tata to create a 5Ghz Wifi link between them. It was quite difficult to put the stuff up on the tower because the wind was blowing crazy. Link works reliably and fast, the average is around 120MBps, I can copy […]

Nagoya BA-6200

I bought this antenna on eBay about a week ago and installed it on the mast on the roof at my girlfriend’s place. Price and quality is quite good, looks like the exact Chinese copy of the Diamond X200, but I had to use some silicon paste on the connections to ensure no water could […]

Tulip experiment

Which substance makes a flower to live longer? Our highly experienced science team tested adding the following to a glass of water: 2 small drops of sodium hypochlorite, salt, nothing (clean water), commercial plant food, sugar, and copper (old Hungarian 2 forint coin). Let’s see which flower lives longer! 1st day: 3rd day: 4th day: […]

CQ Kid’s Day as heard on Gerecse: Trip to the stone mine at the Pisznice mountain: Short visit at the Castle: A walk in the forest with Kisandi: More pics are here.

A trip to Szénzsát (a big field on Gerecse): Andris and Gábor QSOing: A visit to the geodesic tower: More pics are here.

Kenwood TS-790

Wow I just got it this afternoon! More pics here.

I used my GoPro HD Hero for making the videos/photos, sadly, I couldn’t bring my bigger cam because of the huge snow (I had to walk down from the mountain on Sunday). More photos » Visit to Pusztamarót (a small “village” at the foot of Gerecse mountain, our friend Vilmos lives there with his family): […]

GoPro Hero HD

I received it yesterday, but it doesn’t read my 8gb microSD card (with an adapter), so I’ll buy a 16gb normal SDHC card today. Update: it works nicely with a Kingston 16GB Class 4 card. More…

Gerecse 0130

Big snow up there. This time I took photos only. More…

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