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– Download the driver source from here – Extract it, run ./configure and install all needed *-dev packages – Install x11proto-gl-dev and mesa-common-dev – Run make, if it stops with an error, open the corresponding .c file and uncomment the line which gave an error (for example it tries to include mibank.h, but it’s no […]

I tried to install Ubuntu to a desk computer but there were no disks/partitions listed in the installer. Switching to a console and running fdisk -l listed the disk and I was able to partition it using fdisk, formatted to ext4 but it still wasn’t listed in the installer. The solution: I used this disk […]

Remote controlled duck

I got this from my friends as a birthday present. A little slow because of the foam, but light speed fast on clear international waters :)

Forwarding sound on LAN

Here’s how to simply forward sound from one computer to another in Ubuntu. First, install paprefs: 1sudo apt-get install paprefs Start it by executing paprefs in a terminal. If every checkbox is grayed out, you have to make a symlink to the PulseAudio modules directory as paprefs searches for the modules in the wrong place: […]

Volume control shell script

Here’s a simple shell script I wrote for controlling PulseAudio volume from shell under Linux. It takes two parameters: up and down and sets volume for all sinks. 123456789101112#!/bin/bash OLDIFS=$IFS IFS=$’\n’ for L in `pacmd dump | grep set-sink-volume`; do     if [ $1 = "up" ]; then         pacmd set-sink-volume […]

My bday party 2011

32bit OpenGL with wine

Do you have problems running OpenGL apps under Wine with an Nvidia card and a 64bit Linux? Wine says X11DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo couldn’t initialize OpenGL? Here’s the fix. – apt-get install ia32-libs, if it’s already installed and you still have problems, move on to the next step – move everything from /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu to /usr/lib32 EXCEPT /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/glib2.0. – […]

You’ll need the package alsa-firmware. Download the latest source from, then run these commands: 12345678tar -xvjf alsa-firmware- cd alsa-firmware- ./configure make sudo make install sudo modprobe -r snd_emu10k1_synth sudo modprobe -r snd_emu10k1 sudo modprobe snd_emu10k1 After that, you should be able to see the card as “SB Audigy” in the Ubuntu sound settings. Use […]

I’ll collect the Ubuntu utilities I find useful in this (continuously updated) post. fslint: finds duplicate files in folders Lookit: captures screenshot and uploads it to FTP/SSH/various image sharing sites. I only configured Capture are to Print. If you want to find out the key binding names for various keys, you can run xev | […]

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