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I want to use my radio on HF bands, so I had to look for a reasonably sized multi-band antenna. I found that the 2 most popular antennas in this area are G5RV and W3DZZ. The former is fed using a ladder-line cable and I didn’t want to mess with it for my first HF […]

I’ve bought a used Weller EC2002 soldering station with LR-21 iron from eBay for 90€, so the days of using non-temperature controlled “soldering gun” is finally over :) I’ll buy a few new tips and a sponge tomorrow.

Nagoya NL-770R

A few pictures about my new dual-band car antenna. I bought it on eBay. More images are here. As you can see, I can bend down the antenna when I’m going into the garage. It works perfectly, I can hear everyone from Tatabánya in Tata (distance: 10-15km) very fine. I even talked with HA1TN Noybi […]

Soul Symphony

Another electronic dance music mix, but this time it’s much lighter than the previous one, containing classic house and deephouse tracks. The next usual Dreamport mix is coming in a few weeks. I would like to record some sounds around the city for the new mix. download (141.7 mb) (cue: wav)

Burabu 2008

We’ve been at the BURABU on Saturday. It was a little disappointing, there was only a flea market for a short time (after 2pm, most of the hawkers began to pack and go home). But this was the first time that I was at a radio amateur meeting, so it was interesting as well. I […]

The Stunt

I’ve been at HA2SZG’s place this morning, we’ve put up his latest homebrew antenna, a dual-band J-Pole. It works fine, although it gives 1S value lower when connected to the ~20m H155 feedline. It’s definitely better than the previous 2el HB9CV. More pictures here.

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