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I got a black screen under Ubuntu when the screensaver got activated, or I switched to console mode with ctrl+alt+1 and back to X with ctrl+alt+7. The cause of the problem is gnome-screensaver, so I uninstalled it, and installed xscreensaver instead. I created a symlink at /usr/bin/gnome-screensaver-command which points at /usr/bin/xscreensaver-command. This is needed because […]

Starting Skype minimized

Here’s how to start Skype minimized under Linux. Install gdevilspie (it needs python-glade2 also, be sure to install it first), then run it. Add a new rule: 123456789( if ( begin ( matches ( window_name ) "^Skype" ) ) ( begin ( close ) ( println "match" ) ) ) Start devilspie and click on […]

I’ve installed Ubuntu on my shiny new RevoDrive 3 with my custom kernel powered installer CD. I couldn’t make it boot, so I installed a 200mb /boot partition to my other HDD and made that the first boot drive in the BIOS. Maybe I could do this solution but I didn’t want to spend more […]

The current Ubuntu installer disc comes with the Linux kernel 3.0.0, but I’m planning to buy an OCZ RevoDrive 3 which has drivers in the 3.2 kernel. So I upgraded the kernel on the installer disc. Here’s how it’s done.

I’ve started a new project: a DSP tutorial for amateur radio enthusiasts (or anyone interested in encoding/decoding FSK, PSK etc. signals). The tutorial currently contains posts about how to generate a sine wave, how to calculate FFT, determining the dominant frequency, using different filtering methods and how to generate a single-sideband signal. You can view […]

Dreamport 014

Today I’ve finished updating the site, so here’s a new mix. :) download (119.1 mb) (cue)

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