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Some recent videos

As I updated my blog quite a while ago, here are a few videos in a bunch: Swimming with my Hytera PD785 in Lake Balaton :) A quick look at the Hytera MD655 mobile radio Hytera RD985 DMR repeater unboxing Installing the HG5RUC Hytera DMR repeater Turning back on the HG5RUC DMR repeater Radio club […]

dmrshark updates

I’ve been working on dmrshark in the past few months. Most of the improvements can be seen online at the Hungarian network’s live status page, or you can check the project’s GitHub page. The new features are: The info column shows decoded SMS messages and GPS coordinates. dmrshark decodes voice calls and calculates their current […]

Raspberry Pi Sensors

Another great book from PacktPub. The subtitle is great to give a short description on what this book is about: “Integrate sensors into your Raspberry Pi projects and let your powerful microcomputer interact with the physical world“. It begins with an introduction to Linux, basic electronics, communication protocols, so everyone who is interested in the […]

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