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I’ve got the chance to read another very good quality book from PacktPub. Nice intro to the BeagleBone and cluster computing even for those who are not into Linux and embedded hw & sw. I think they are the target audience. I didn’t know much about open source cluster computing software, know I know the […]

We’re having some fun these days in the office: For this solution I used these hardware: BeagleBone magnetic door open sensor a cheap CM102-based sound card from eBay (sold as 3D USB sound card for about $2) a USB hub a TP-LINK WN722 WiFi dongle. 2 active speakers by my colleague makos (passive would have […]

SPI kernel driver howto

Continuing my previous post on writing an SPI driver for the BeagleBone, here’s a richly commented example C file to help implementing a generic kernel module driver for your chosen SPI device. The example is not only for the BeagleBone, you can use it for any host. download (15.4 kb)

In this howto I describe how to add a generic kernel mode SPI driver to the BeagleBone kernel source. Of course the methods are nearly the same for different target platforms. I won’t go into the details of writing a kernel mode SPI driver for now.

You’ll need the cross-compiled version of libiconv, libgettext, glib, and slang. Compiling libiconv 123#!/bin/bash CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr –enable-static make install DESTDIR=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libiconv Compiling libgettext 123#!/bin/bash CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr –disable-csharp –disable-java –disable-openmp –disable-c++ –disable-native-java –enable-static –with-libiconv-prefix=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libiconv/usr make install DESTDIR=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libgettext Compiling libffi (needed by glib) 123#!/bin/bash CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure –host=arm-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr make install DESTDIR=/home/nonoo/common-libs-compiled/arm/libffi Compiling glib 1234567891011#!/bin/bash […]

The BeagleBone is a low-power open source hardware single-board computer designed with open source software development in mind, and as a way of demonstrating the Texas Instrument’s OMAP3530 system-on-a-chip.

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