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I have an ADSL connection at home in Tata with only about 800kbit/s upload bandwidth. I had to figure out how I can prioritize VoIP traffic with my new RouterBoard 750GL. First my upload had to be throttled down in the RouterBoard a little below my ADSL upload speed. I added a new queue in […]

The Dude on Linux

I installed two Mikrotik RouterBoard 750s in my network last week. One of them is NATing my home ADSL connection, the second one is in the Gerecse tower and routes between my home network and the newly installed Pusztamarót Wi-Fi link. Here’s a picture of the two Ubiquity AirGrid M5 HPs on the Gerecse tower […]

New photoblog

I used Streamzoo as my mobile photoblogging service since Picplz (which I loved) closed. I must admit I hate Streamzoo, it’s interface is too complicated, the photos sometimes won’t upload, their website is ugly and I don’t see the point in tagging my photos to sort them into “streams”. Now I have uploaded all my […]

SPI kernel driver howto

Continuing my previous post on writing an SPI driver for the BeagleBone, here’s a richly commented example C file to help implementing a generic kernel module driver for your chosen SPI device. The example is not only for the BeagleBone, you can use it for any host. download (15.4 kb)

Hetye 2012

A short music video about our yearly party trip to Egyházashetye.

There was a planned contact with the ISS during the morning hours which could be heard from across Europe. I recorded in this video what I heard from Budapest.

Grape harvest 2012

Yesterday we harvested grape at my friend Tibi’s weekend house. Here’s a video about the event:

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