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I made a few new widgets for Android using the Duke Nukem widget template. These are for those Hungarian users who are familiar with the original funny videos. Blood widget (PC game) Terminator 2 widget (video) Dallas widget (video) Gino majálisa widget (video) Polgár JenÅ‘ widget (video) Szalacsi widget (video) Mi folyik itt Gyöngyösön widget […]

I’ve rewritten both the English and Hungarian Duke Nukem 3D Android widgets, so the force closes and hangs are completely gone for now. More info.

I made a widget for Android for my DIY temperature measurement system, available here. Source code is here.

Duke Nukem Android Widget

I made an Android widget which plays a random quote from Duke Nukem. It is available in two versions: Hungarian and English. Source code and .apk file downloads are available here. Hungarian demo: English demo:

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