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5th birthday party of the Hungarian SOTA activity held on the Gerecse mountain. Other stuff without music:

Gerecse KD-005

Yesterday we were at the top of the Gerecse mountain. The weather was pretty windy on the geodesic tower where we set up our QTH, and unfortunately our CQs were seldom successful, looked like not too many people sat in front of their radios around that hour when we were there. We only made about […]

You can find the plans and specs for this antenna here. No balun needed, 50 ohms at once, works perfectly fine. I’m using it on a 4m long (telescopic) landing net pole. More pics are here.


On last Sunday, we went to the KM-005 SOTA summit with Mozsó (HA2PIC), Gabesz (HA2SZG), Noybi (HA1TN), AI3iT and their girlfriends to have a picnic, test our new portable antennas and have some QSOs. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a great time. Noybi and I were the HF squad, Mozsó worked the […]

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