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Ham dinner

Me and my ham buddies decided that we should go out and have a dinner to celebrate the arrival of our licences. Mozso, Gabesz and me went to Budapest on friday afternoon. We bought some radio and electronic accessories in DND and Elektrokontha, then went to the IMAX cinema at the Arena plaza to watch […]

After waiting for 1 month and 10 days (yes, this is Hungary, you have to wait for this long time) my radio amateur licence has arrived. I got the callsign I asked for: HA2NON. I’ve registered on instantly. :) I’ve updated the About page, and created a page titled my ham radio gear.


Narkódiszkó is the title of my new mix. It’s an electronic dance music mix, so don’t download it if you don’t like the style. Also, as the title suggests (drug disco), it’s not for little teenage girls having fun around the high school. General Dreamport mixes coming soon, I just didn’t have the mood for […]

This is my “new” antenna tuner, an MFJ-945C. I’ve bought it on eBay from the USA, it’s used but it’s in a great condition. I’m very happy with it, it works perfectly and it’s relatively small. More images here.


You can use this simple application for triggering PTT on your radio via DTR/RTS COM port pins. It supports remote PTT triggering with ptt2dtr as the server. More…


My Yaesu FT-857D transmits the audio coming from the MIC input instead of the rear line in when PTT is triggered via CAT command. When PTT is toggled with the rear PTT pin, it works as it should. I had to find a solution for this inconvenience, so I wrote ptt2dtr which translates PTT CAT […]

My new radio

This is my new radio, a Yaesu FT-857D all-mode amateur radio, arrived yesterday. I’m very happy with it, now it only needs a stronger power supply. More images here.

Campfire at Turul

We’ve spent a great evening with the #qka team at the Turul monument on the hill at Tatabánya. Here are some pictures.

My small radio desk

I’m planning to buy an amateur desktop/mobile HF transceiver, so I made a little desk for it from some chipboard I found in the storage. More images are here.

Pictures This is how it looked like when I got it: And this is how it looks like now:

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