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See my x86 solution for measuring temperature here! I’m using USB Temper devices again, but this time they are a newer revision, so the previous app with the source code I modified doesn’t work anymore. I downloaded this source code from here (look at the comments) and modified that so I can define from which […]

On the weekend I’ve been hacking a TP-Link MR3220 for my friend Penya. The router has a USB port and I wanted to use a USB flash drive to expand the storage space available on the router. I had two flash drives, one noname 1GB and a Sandisk Cruzer 8GB. I had problems with the […]

GLX X11/Xorg problems

X won’t start up with compiz? Xorg log says it’s stuck at initializing extension GLX? glxinfo segfaults in libc? You have an Nvidia card and tried everything to bring life to compiz? Boot into recovery mode, reinstall the proprietary Nvidia driver, delete /etc/ and suddenly everything starts to work again after hours of frustrated X […]

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