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We put up a new antenna, planted some plants, and dug a hole for a little garden lake.

Friday night 20100416

A short video I shot on friday night with the girls.

Adjusting the CW sideband volume of my Kenwood TS850.

Chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning on Gerecse.

Tibi built in a resistor to the volume pot, so it can’t be muted, and fixed the contact problem of the mode switch.

Just the usual nights on Gerecse…

We held an old military radio exhibition in the Museum of War History, Budapest. I made an english subtitled video about the event: HA5CBM Miki’s working Hellschreiber decoder/printer: Tibi about receiving of our amateur TV transmission from Hármashatárhegy mountain, Budapest:

I made a Kenwood CAT cable for my TS 850 with the help of my buddy HA1TN. The TIL113 optocoupler was not fast enough for 4800 baud, so we used a HCNW3120 (a little overkill, but it works fine). :)

I have successfully listened to a DRM station using my Kenwood TS850. I can switch the bandpass to 12kHz, so decoding of the 10kHz wide DRM stream is possible. The hardest part was to figure out that I have to enable “Flip input spectrum” checkbox in DReaM. My radio was in FSK mode.

Grabbing Global Underground Electric Calm v2 vinyls at MP’s place.

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