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In the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on a software called dmrshark in my free time. It uses libpcap to analyse the traffic of a Hytera IPSC network. It can be used for: Tracking calls, logging to a text file, and/or inserting them to a remote MySQL-compatible database. Automatic and periodic reading of repeater […]

Recently I’ve been working on a Red5 webapp called kdrlivestream which authenticates users using a MySQL database. This will be used for live streaming my radio club’s subscription based remote courses. Red5 has a built-in webapp called live, but it doesn’t use authentication. Everyone will be able to publish and watch streams using your private […]

We’re having some fun these days in the office: For this solution I used these hardware: BeagleBone magnetic door open sensor a cheap CM102-based sound card from eBay (sold as 3D USB sound card for about $2) a USB hub a TP-LINK WN722 WiFi dongle. 2 active speakers by my colleague makos (passive would have […]

I’ve started a new project: a DSP tutorial for amateur radio enthusiasts (or anyone interested in encoding/decoding FSK, PSK etc. signals). The tutorial currently contains posts about how to generate a sine wave, how to calculate FFT, determining the dominant frequency, using different filtering methods and how to generate a single-sideband signal. You can view […]


So I made another foobar2000 plugin recently, it’s called foo_timedisplay, and as the name says, it displays the current playing time in a separate, resizeable and fully customizable window. A must have for music lovers! :)


I’ve written a simple infrared remote control plugin for foobar2000. It’s called foo_ir2. I’ve replaced Winamp about a week ago. I like foobar2000 much better, it has a fully customizable simplistic user interface and lots of advanced settings.


You can use this simple application for triggering PTT on your radio via DTR/RTS COM port pins. It supports remote PTT triggering with ptt2dtr as the server. More…


My Yaesu FT-857D transmits the audio coming from the MIC input instead of the rear line in when PTT is triggered via CAT command. When PTT is toggled with the rear PTT pin, it works as it should. I had to find a solution for this inconvenience, so I wrote ptt2dtr which translates PTT CAT […]

Pictures This is how it looked like when I got it: And this is how it looks like now:

Now it’s working on my desk. It’s pretty strong, I can’t stop it with my bare hands, I hope it’ll rotate my big yagi easily. I’ll perform a full antenna test in our yard tomorrow or on thursday. UPDATE: pictures are here.

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