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2016 recap

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here (more than a year ago…). Let’s see what happened with me this year: Quit my daily job and started an own company called SharkRF. Developed and released openSPOT. Finished my amateur radio club’s streaming system, so we can arrange remote courses and live streamed presentations. […]

Packtpub is having a day against DRM on which you can buy their DRM-free content at $10 for 24 hours only on May 6th – that’s all 2000+ eBooks and Videos at

Github I started using Github in the past few months for hosting my hobby projects. Here’s the list of my current repos: nweather-wordpress-plugin: WordPress plugin which shows graphs from data uploaded by nweather-upload. nbackup: A simple backup script which uses rsync or rdiff-backup over SSH to back up directories. ntimelapse: Scripts for processing webcam and […]

New photoblog

I used Streamzoo as my mobile photoblogging service since Picplz (which I loved) closed. I must admit I hate Streamzoo, it’s interface is too complicated, the photos sometimes won’t upload, their website is ugly and I don’t see the point in tagging my photos to sort them into “streams”. Now I have uploaded all my […]

I’ve finished the shiny new webpage of our radio club:

I’ve started a new project: a DSP tutorial for amateur radio enthusiasts (or anyone interested in encoding/decoding FSK, PSK etc. signals). The tutorial currently contains posts about how to generate a sine wave, how to calculate FFT, determining the dominant frequency, using different filtering methods and how to generate a single-sideband signal. You can view […]

I’ve made a new tumblr-based mini-blog for publishing various stuff I find on the net. » Dreamport will continue to operate as my main website with stuff I made or related to me.


So I finally made a MySpace page to make my latest song, Aquellos Dias easily available for prelistening. Oh, and I’ve updated my about page. That’s all the news for now.

After waiting for 1 month and 10 days (yes, this is Hungary, you have to wait for this long time) my radio amateur licence has arrived. I got the callsign I asked for: HA2NON. I’ve registered on instantly. :) I’ve updated the About page, and created a page titled my ham radio gear.

I’ve translated the EAC grab howto so it is now available in english (and hungarian).

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