Recent updates 2014/04


I started using Github in the past few months for hosting my hobby projects. Here’s the list of my current repos:

  • nweather-wordpress-plugin: WordPress plugin which shows graphs from data uploaded by nweather-upload.
  • nbackup: A simple backup script which uses rsync or rdiff-backup over SSH to back up directories.
  • ntimelapse: Scripts for processing webcam and sound uploads, generating and uploading timelapse videos to YouTube.
  • ntimelapse-upload: Captures and uploads multiple webcam images and sound recordings to a PHP script.
  • nlogrotate: A simple logrotate shell script I use in embedded enviroments.
  • nweather-upload: This script can be used to upload a WS-2300 (or compatible) weather station’s data acquired with fetch2300.
  • nalarminterface: Alarm system USB interface firmware, host application and other tools. Also a nice example on using XMEGA USB devices and libusb for communicating with them.
  • nusbreset: Resets Linux USB devices.
  • pcsensor2: Reads temperature from a TEMPerV1.2 USB thermometer (VID/PID 0c45:7401)
  • homerseklet: A webpage for displaying temperature graphs.

New HT

I’ve bought a Yaesu VX-8GE, which is a dual-VFO handheld transceiver with a built-in GPS and APRS capable TNC. Now you can find my HT’s position on if it has GPS and APRS coverage.

I’m planning to fix the APRS unit in my car as it’s not working well anymore.

Gerecse WX and new webcams

I’ve integrated the weather data graphs into the radio club’s homepage which you can see here. The data also gets posted to

I also made a new Youtube channel for the automatic daily timelapse videos of the Gerecse cams. You can see my other cameras at

If you want to build an automatic timelapse generating system like this, you can use my ntimelapse and ntimelapse-upload scripts.

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