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In the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on a software called dmrshark in my free time. It uses libpcap to analyse the traffic of a Hytera IPSC network. It can be used for: Tracking calls, logging to a text file, and/or inserting them to a remote MySQL-compatible database. Automatic and periodic reading of repeater […]

I’m using cmus for playing music. It can call a script whenever a song changes using the :set status-display-program=/path/to/scrobbler command. I’ve written a PHP script bundle which handles scrobbling the currently playing and played song to It can also read the ID3 (v1 and v2) tag from the music file using the getid3 PHP […]

I made a few new widgets for Android using the Duke Nukem widget template. These are for those Hungarian users who are familiar with the original funny videos. Blood widget (PC game) Terminator 2 widget (video) Dallas widget (video) Gino majálisa widget (video) Polgár JenÅ‘ widget (video) Szalacsi widget (video) Mi folyik itt Gyöngyösön widget […]

Duke Nukem Android Widget

I made an Android widget which plays a random quote from Duke Nukem. It is available in two versions: Hungarian and English. Source code and .apk file downloads are available here. Hungarian demo: English demo:

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