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Gerecse 0725

Here’s a short interview video I made on the weekend: And here are some pics from BlooD2oo1.

Recorded at the HA5KDR radio station on the top of mountain Gerecse, during 2009/07/25-26-27.


Recorded at the HA5KDR radio station. Thanks to the HA5KDR Gerecse team: Andi & Andi, Attila, Gabi, Gergő, Miki

A little video about our chitchat on 7139 KHz and 3790 KHz. The distance between us (QRB) was about 450 kilometers, Noybi was on the island Vir. I forgot to set the focus correctly, so I uploaded the video as SD.

Here are some videos I recorded last weekend on mountain Gerecse at the HA5KDR radio station. Making QSOs: Other stuff: Shooting & smoke grenade: Visiting the nearby scout camp:

Gerecse 0704

Here are some pics from HA2SZG Gabesz.

Here’s my 10th DP mix. Happy anniversary! :) download (130.1 mb) (cue)

Morse exam

I’ve done the morse exam 2 weeks ago, the paper arrived today. Yeey!

Kids of HA5KDR

I’ve spent the weekend on the Gerecse mountain again at the HA5KDR radio station. I love to be there, very nice company and interesting place. Here’s a little video about how we spent the time this weekend.

NOTE: this post is outdated. See my ham DSP tutorial! Single-sideband is one of the most popular modulation modes in analog voice radio communication today. SSB avoids the bandwidth doubling and unnecessary carrier emitting of amplitude modulation, thus concentrating radiated power only on the signal that carries the important information (for ex. voice). If we […]

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