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Quite sad but very inspiring music waits for you on this nearly perfect album. The lyrics are very moving, Martha’s voice completely matches them. The first song, Far Away is one of my very favorites in this style of music. The third one called Factory is in my 4th Dreamport mix. I’ve bought this CD […]

This is much like my previous recommendation, Zoe Johnston’s music – simple and beautiful acoustic folk music, with vocals, acoustic guitars, and: VERY good lyrics – this is my favorite Kings Of Convenience album since I first heard it 4 or 5 years ago. I felt Riot On An Empty Street and Versus a little […]

Zoë Johnston CD

Simple and beautiful acoustic folk music, with vocals, acoustic guitars, field recording and some sampling only. Zoe’s voice and the songs are extremely beautiful, my favorites are The Sky, Crazy English Summer and the last track called So Much and Nothing. The booklet and album cover are very funny, Zoe took pictures (I think) around […]

The Beauty Room CD

If you like lounge music with a pop-rock feeling and vocals, very good sounding instruments and perfect mastering, listen to this album. You may already have heard the track called Holding On, because it appeared on lots of chillout selection CDs. I’ve bought this album on eBay, from Hong Kong or Singapore, I can’t remember […]

Hammock EP

I’ve had all Hammock releases in FLAC except for this EP called Stranded Under Endless Sky, so I decided to buy it because I think it’s the best Hammock release so far (even better than Kenotic). The last two tracks are absolutely sad and wonderful, if you like not completely electronic ambient music, you have […]

Omaya – Novo

You might know Omaya from the 2nd CD of the 25th Anniversary Café Del Mar album, their beautiful song Novo featured there. My 7th Dreamport mix also contains this little melodic trip to Africa. My favorite track from the album is I Wanna Be With You and – of course – Novo. Don’t forget to […]

Sans Arc CDs

I’ve bought 3 Sans Arc albums (When Eye Meets Eye, Ghostlike and Irradiate – covers on the right) from They have a simple and useful webshop, I could pay with PayPal. The package arrived yesterday and I was very surprised, because they sent me a bunch of gifts amongst the CDs – 2 very […]

Huh, I should write something, because 2007 had passed and I haven’t wrote a single post since that, only updated WordPress to 2.3.2 this evening. So I’m not dead, just the university keeps me busy, and I don’t have time & energy to do anything useful to write about. Instead of tinkering audio stuff and […]

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