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A few weeks ago I ordered an Android TV box called U BOX i one (i828) from To my suprise, the updated YouTube app only played videos at 360p resolution. The stock app works fine, but I wanted to use the latest one. After googling a while I found a Japanese site with the […]


Just a week ago I bought a Hytera PD785G DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) handheld transceiver. Now I’m spending my free time reading about DMR, experimenting with the Hytera CPS software, and writing about DMR to my radio club’s webpage. DMR works way beyond my expectations compared to analog radio. I can communicate on locations where […]

Here’s a quick note on how to open a Qihan IP camera’s RTSP stream with ffmpeg/avconv: 1avconv -rtsp_transport tcp -i "rtsp://" -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f mpegts a.ts To open the stream from VLC, set RTP over RTSP (TCP) on the Input/Codecs tab.

We’re 3D printing!

This is an older video from December, when we got the Replicator2.

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