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I was at the Budapest Palace of Arts with my friends again and recorded a concert held by the amazing guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Unfortunately there were many dynamic volume changes and I forgot to adjust the recording level accordingly, so there are clips and distortions. The mastering was done in the old fashioned “eq by […]

Now it’s working on my desk. It’s pretty strong, I can’t stop it with my bare hands, I hope it’ll rotate my big yagi easily. I’ll perform a full antenna test in our yard tomorrow or on thursday. UPDATE: pictures are here.

Now it works perfectly on my desk. :)

After I’ve designed the schematics and made the PCB for the rotator, I put it together: I’ll upload the schematics & source code when I finish the project. I’m using a wonderful PICKit2 programmer/debugger and Hi-Tech C compiler to make my life easier. The program is almost finished, I hope I can put the whole […]

Last summer I got an old antenna rotator from a friend. It’s controller is missing, but at least it still works and it’s only rusty, and needs a little renewing, and of course a new controller.

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