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Some videos

Here are some videos I published on YouTube in the past few months.

Running with the dog

I’ve updated my webcam site, Now I’m using two Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcams with 720p resolution, one in my window facing east and one on the roof facing west (this one is connected to my server using a 20m active USB extension cable). The whole system which captures and processes images to a daily […]

Flooding in Tata

We checked out the flooding in Tata caused by heavy raining with my friend Penya.

Friday night 20100416

A short video I shot on friday night with the girls.

Biking at the fields

Biking with Penya at the fields near Tata, then reviewing a Commodore C116 and an Atari Portfolio.

Tata by night

On Friday night, we took some photographs and recorded some sounds in the city with BlooD2oo1. More images are here. Sounds: Ady Endre road Roundabout with fountain Smelly well #1 Smelly well #2

Sunset 20061007

Rainbow 20070928

Sunset 20070713

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