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I made a web interface for my homebrew antenna rotator controller. The textbox on the right is a serial console. download source code

Watching a movie

Watching a movie at my friend Rönyi’s place:


Flooding in Tata

We checked out the flooding in Tata caused by heavy raining with my friend Penya.

Dreamport 009 now with video. Full version is here.

APRS page

I made a page about my APRS stuff including the howto for making an APRS IGATE. Read on »

Writing the APRS freq to the EPROM of my VHF Grundig FK105: Tinkering with a Compaq Portable III and other DOS stuff:

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I'm Nonoo. This is my blog about music, sounds, filmmaking, amateur radio, computers, programming, electronics and other things I'm obsessed with. ... »


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