Ham dinner

Me and my ham buddies decided that we should go out and have a dinner to celebrate the arrival of our licences. Mozso, Gabesz and me went to Budapest on friday afternoon. We bought some radio and electronic accessories in DND and Elektrokontha, then went to the IMAX cinema at the Arena plaza to watch the movie called Space station, it was fantastic, I’ve never been in an IMAX cinema before.

More images are here.

The dinner was in the Bécsi szelet vendéglő at Kálvin tér. After the dinner Noybi showed us his 2 channel (maybe 4?) hungarian VESZPRÉM VHF radio (built in 1969). It’s RX is hilarious, sounds like a modulated square-wave :), but it’s TX is suprisingly good with 1W output power.
The unit weighs about 5 kilograms + the mic is at least 1 kg :))