Old videos about me

Yesterday evening I browsed our old VHS tapes and I found some video gems which I instantly uploaded to YouTube for everyone’s pleasure.

Let’s begin with me at the restaurant called Halászcsárda at the Old lake, Tata:

Early waking up for a trip to the Netherlands:

Playing with my friend Ádám Dobos, then easter “dousing”, then playing with Kyrandia 3 on my 486:

Family dinner, I’m playing the guitar (a short Matchbox animation can be seen at the end of the video, I made lots of these kind of stop-motion films):

This is my brother playing with Super Cars (one of my favorite games) on my C64:

My grammary school’s Christmas show:

Forgot to put on the keyboard protector on my P1 (my old 486 is on my bed):

My Grandpa, Joe Lidi (our massive drinker super-worker), and rusty kettles. RIP Grandpa and Joe Lidi. My mother can be seen at the end of the video for a moment.

This is my grammary school’s another Christmas show in a church. I’m not on this video, but I think I was there somewhere in the crowd:

A teacher speaks about a new method of teaching while you can see my brother and his class (he was in the first grade):

You can see me as a first grader here in my old school at Kocsi street, Tata. Most of these buildings are now demolished.

This was a party we made at the local community centre: :))

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