W3DZZ antenna project

I want to use my radio on HF bands, so I had to look for a reasonably sized multi-band antenna. I found that the 2 most popular antennas in this area are G5RV and W3DZZ.

The former is fed using a ladder-line cable and I didn’t want to mess with it for my first HF base antenna, and HA2NC Pista also uses this type of antenna with great satisfaction, so I chose that.

I bought the antenna from HA4GBJ. HA2NC has 2 pieces of W3DZZ’s made by him. It’s building quality is very fine, it’ll stand the weather for sure.

As you can see on the image, the antenna will be stretched in the garden, across the whole croft, nearly from corner to corner (it’s 33.8 meters long).

Pole #1 will be 12 meters high, made from 6m+6m+1m iron parts slided together and poured into concrete foundation.
Pole #2 will be a 150cm long beech rod put into a 3 meters long aluminium tube and attached to a big (~12 meters high) pine tree near the corner of the croft.

More images are here.

As you can see, the antenna will be stretched by hanging weight on the rope coming down at pole #1, so when the wind is blowing the pine tree and pole #1, the antenna won’t be overtensed.

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