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Balcsi 2008

Last week we were on our yearly trip to Siófok, Balatonszéplak-felső.

Tata by night

On Friday night, we took some photographs and recorded some sounds in the city with BlooD2oo1. More images are here. Sounds: Ady Endre road Roundabout with fountain Smelly well #1 Smelly well #2

Chapel campfire

A fine evening with BlooD2oo1, Tibi and Mozsó at the recently renovated chapel above Felsőgalla, Tatabánya. Photos by BlooD2oo1. More images here.

Öreg tó ham radio

Grilled banana

What can geeks do when a storm is coming, and there’s a blackout? More images here.


A little camp fire dinner on Wednesday evening at Tábor (Penya’s grandma’s place) with Penya and his girlfriend, Réka. More images here.

Balcsi on the weekend

As I wrote in the previous post, here are the pictures about our weekend trip to Siófok: Click here.

I want to use my radio on HF bands, so I had to look for a reasonably sized multi-band antenna. I found that the 2 most popular antennas in this area are G5RV and W3DZZ. The former is fed using a ladder-line cable and I didn’t want to mess with it for my first HF […]

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